The holy Abuhatsira family

Commemorating the heritage of our forefathers – Establishing a spiritual center that includes a Synagogue, mikveh, and a museum about their roots, lifework, way of life, and their sacred objects.

The Vayizra Yitzhak Synagogue

Community life

In a few words we will describe and relate to you the spiritual Torah center: a world bustling with activity, bringing together and uniting the hearts of the people of Israel, a place of Torah, prayer, charity and good deeds, lectures and lessons, a kollel, and extensive spiritual activities, following in the light and the path of the holy forefathers of the Abuhatsira family The community of the HolyAriHis merit serves to protect us and striving to preserve and commemorate their Torah heritage for generations,grandson of Sidna BabaKhaki, their merit serves to protect us headed by the community’s rabbi, Rabbi Yitzhak Dahan Shalita.

For over a decade, this beacon of light has been located in the Tel Hai boulevard shopping center in Ashdod with the aspiration to be built and rise, and thanks to the grace of Heaven and the merit of our forefathers has enabled us to build this spiritual center, where with the help of Hashem a beautiful Synagogue will arise that includes rooms for prayer and study as well as a mikveh (ritual bath).

In its heart will be enshrined to honor and commemorate the memory and heritage of the forefathers of the holy Abuhatsira family – descendants of righteous men – for many years, their tradition, ways of life, work, preserving their heritage for the glory of the people of Israel.

The image of the Rabbi Yaakov Abuhatsira may his merit protect us is engraved on the holy building

The holy Vayizra Yitzhak building – View from above

Photographs of community life

Synagogue halls - for illustrative purposes only

Room for daily prayers

Additional room

Women’s section

Heichal HaKodesh

Mikveh tahara

Synagogue hall